Using Enrichment Funds

One of the major perks of the Stamps Scholarship at Illinois is that, in addition to the four-year scholarship, Scholars can also request up to $12,000 in enrichment funds. 

These funds support costs associated with experiences that will accelerate their academic and professional careers.   As with the scholarship award, enrichment funds are provided jointly by the Strive Foundation and the University of Illinois. 

Historically, enrichment funds have been used to support activities such as:

  • The Outward Bound pre-college summer excursion
  • Approved study abroad experiences
  • Approved domestic study, research, or service experiences
  • Approved independent or summer research 
  • Professional conferences
  • Approved unpaid costs associated with internships
  • Other approved activities

As a general rule, funds may not be utilized for:

  • Material objects such as electronic equipment or supplies needed for design projects or small business-related activities
  • Course fees (for example: lab or material fees related to a course)
  • Room and board fees that exceed the annual limit as noted in the Cost of Attendance Formula
  • Activities that have already taken place (request should be made in advance)
  • Any other activities deemed ineligible by Program Advisors or Office of Student Financial Aid

Stamps Scholars should discuss (in person or by email) any potential enrichment fund requests with Program Advisors before submitting the request through the online Enrichment Fund Request Form. Proposals are reviewed by Program Advisors and the Office of Student Financial Aid.  To ensure that funds are available prior to the event or activity, requests should be submitted at least two weeks in advance and with the deadlines below in mind.

Making a Request
Date of Activity Deadline for Fund Request

January 1 – June 30

May 1

July 1 – December 30

December 1